We don’t make a big thing of such events, and it’s sort of hard to get together to celebrate these days, but it has been good to take some time to reflect on the 15-year anniversary of establishing BVG Associates.

80% of our work is in offshore wind these days, a sector that has completely transformed from its uncertain early steps as we started out. For us, key phases of our tireless work to make a difference have included:

  • 2006-2009 Setting the course of UK offshore wind
    • Addressing Government concerns about the ability of the European supply chain to deliver – the start of our ongoing work watching and influencing the balance between future demand and supply
    • Establishing dialogue between ports and industry
    •  Supporting development of a small local supply chain
  • 2010-14 Focus on cost reduction, innovation, industrialisation and the European market
    • Delivering work showing the potential for the huge reduction in cost of energy that we later saw – the start of a key strand of our work today
    • Bringing clarity to comparisons between wind and other technologies
    • Addressing barriers and opportunities at an industry level and for companies seeking to succeed
  • 2015-19 Politics and visions for offshore wind, USA, energy majors and mobilising a global supply chain
    • Establishing robust ways to talk about local content and to exploring the impact of policy on industry development
    • Setting long-term visions for offshore wind at national and regional levels
    • Setting the expectations and direction of offshore wind on the US East Coast
    • Helping energy majors understand and find compelling strategic roles in offshore wind
    • Shaping and informing key decisions for players across the industry, both existing market leaders and those transitioning from other sectors
  • 2020- Globalisation, globalisation, globalisation
    • Global visions and roadmaps for new markets
    • Strategic support for players across the industry in making the most of growing opportunities
    • Addressing how wind fits in sustainable energy systems founded on renewables
    • Supporting businesses entering offshore wind from other sectors as part of the energy transition
    • Establishing ways to make the wind industry ever more sustainable – addressing materials use and carbon footprint challenges

Our clients continue to involve us when they want to do new things, think in new ways and solve tough problems, and we are grateful to all. We are proud to continue to speak with a fully independent voice, focussed earnestly on clients’ success. This is all about making the right decisions in a dynamic, exciting industry that is fundamental to addressing climate change, the global challenge of our age.

Bruce Valpy