The article “Offshore wind thinks outside the box to tackle its challenges” contains coverage of the Offshore Wind Meets… meeting at OrbisEnergy offshore innovation centre in Lowestoft, featuring Bruce Valpy as a key note speaker. The event aimed at aim of the day-long to find solutions for offshore wind challenges from “outside the box” including other technology-led sectors of industry.

In Your Renewable News, Bruce is quoted as saying offshore wind was a young industry which was maturing rapidly and was now a cornerstone of UK government policy.

“There is some amazing technology, with turbines now the biggest rotating machines on earth with a single blade the size of an airliner wingspan and the whole turbine shifting 15 Asda lorries full of air every second, and each tower topped by 400 tonnes of equipment,” he explained.

The industry needed to “run really fast to survive” but had “a very strong can do attitude” and there was a lot of potential for innovation through technology, and developing established commercial models.

Summing up the day Johnathan Reynolds business development lead from OrbisEnergy said it was the first event of its kind bringing together all four industry sectors to look for solutions to major industry challenges.


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