Our April 2020 Newsletter is now available.

In this edition you can find out how we can help you keep you assets productive in these strange times. There are also updates on the projects we’re doing in Asia, our latest blog on the role of wind energy in any economic recovery and a huge welcome to some new team members. You’ll also find the latest news from us and the rest of the industry.

In his introduction, Bruce Valpy writes

Some countries are really making progress on climate change. The UK has just completed a record quarter for the wind industry. Not only was it the first quarter where wind generated more than nuclear, but it did so by over 50%. It even out-supplied gas for 5 of the 13 weeks in the period, the first five times it has ever done that – and the grid was fine! And last year, the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions fell for a seventh consecutive year, to almost 30% below 2010 levels.

Our strategic work continues apace in established and very new offshore wind markets, globally.

But short-term, there is something more urgent going on, which so far has not affected our work for clients but has significantly affected our way of working and the lives of millions. Even though coronavirus is forcing us to isolate ourselves at home, somehow it has brought us closer. We share concern for so many industry friends around the world that we now share video calls with more than ever.

Let’s do our bit, keep kind and be oh so thankful that we live in countries ready and able to protect and support their citizens.


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