BVG Associates February Newsletter has stories about measuring the economic impact of offshore wind farms, our work in Norway on Oil and Gas diversification, Wind Europe membership and a view of the impact on the French presidential elections on the renewable energy market as well as a host of other stories.

Bruce Valpy’s introduction states ‘Offshore wind must continue to focus heavily on reducing cost of energy and keeping workers safe. It also needs to fully grasp the opportunity to move from niche markets to establish a much more global footprint. It is true that Europe offers a globally significant combination of shallow waters, high winds and supportive regulatory environment, but we see many other parts of the world that should be looking hard at offshore wind now, rather than following in a few years’ time. The way costs are falling and the ability to deliver new, low carbon generation quickly at a large-scale demand attention from those seeking to establish a viable future energy mix. Talk to us about what we are doing to support this acceleration”

You can read the full newsletter here.