We’re delighted to be named as a leading management consultant in the Financial Times/Statista latest rankings.

BVGA are named as a leading management consultant in the energy, utilities & environment sector. We’re particularly proud as we believe we are the only consultancy in this category focussing solely on wind and renewable energy.   The team are especially pleased to see our work on assets, business and economics on the sector being recognised by clients and consulting peers.

This the fourth annual FT rating of the UK’s leading management consultants. The rankings are based on recommendations by clients and consultancy peers. Compiled with Statista, the data company, it assesses consultants’ work in 29 categories. The results are based on two Statista surveys — one giving feedback from clients and the other of consultants evaluating their peers.

The rankings for each firm were determined by the number of recommendations minus negative evaluations each firm was given by the two surveys. Only firms that received a significant number of recommendations from peers and clients, were included in the ranking within their industry or sector.

The results in full can be found in full on the FT’s website: www.ft.com/content/c02c6de5-7e9b-4fc2-b153-cbf5f02655ad#comments-anchor.

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