Case Studies

Acquisition due diligence

Acquisition due diligence

We supported Idinvest Partners to maximise investor value post-investment through acquisition due diligence. In another case, we recommended not to invest and for the technology supplier to significantly change its… Continue Reading

A Guide to an Offshore Wind Farm

A Guide to an Offshore Wind Farm

This case study refers to the first ‘A Guide to an Offshore Wind Farm’ published in 2011. An updated and extended version was commissioned by The Crown Estate and… Continue Reading

Analysis of the market for onshore asset services in UK and Ireland

We enabled decisions to be made in relation to onshore wind entry into new markets, alongside onshore wind asset management and project construction services in UK. Utilising our knowledge,… Continue Reading

Approaches to cost-reduction in offshore wind

Approaches to cost-reduction in offshore wind

As well as the direct impact on UK Government strategy, insights regarding the impact of visibility and confidence in the market and regarding competitive dynamics on long-term cost reduction… Continue Reading

MHI Vestas in Taiwan

Assessing the economic impact of MHI Vestas’ market entry into Taiwan

We provided MHI Vestas with a report on the economic impact from the production of components and the servicing of offshore wind farms in Taiwan. Our report demonstrated that… Continue Reading

asset management advice

Asset management support services

Good management of wind farms is not nearly as widespread as we think it should be. The benefit to our clients is both increases in revenue now and increases… Continue Reading

weather downtime

Boom Lock proving its worth

High Wind asked BVG Associates to quantify the benefits of using the Boom Lock tool for offshore wind farm installation in reducing weather downtime. The biggest single cause of… Continue Reading

uk ports

Bringing the wind industry and UK ports together

We helped UK ports understand and make the most of their opportunities in offshore wind. Our input, and all the dialogue that it facilitated, broke down many of the… Continue Reading

industrial development

Building an industry: Updated scenarios for industrial development

Our report, ‘Building an Industry: Updated scenarios for industrial development‘,  pushed the timeframes and market geography for robust analysis out further than had been done before, helping to give all… Continue Reading

China Three Gorges

China Three Gorges offshore wind farms cost estimation

Our work enabled China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) to gain deep understanding of the CAPEX and OPEX of a European offshore wind farm. This understanding will play a key… Continue Reading

commercial due diligence

Commercial due diligence advice in relation to Atlas Blue’s acquisition of ProntoPort

Our detailed industry knowledge and real world experience combined to provide invaluable insight for Atlas Blue as it considered the acquisition of wind energy inspection, training and engineering service… Continue Reading

Commercialising O&M

Commercialising O&M Expert for MaREI

Our work with MaREI at UCC on their O&M Expert model provided robust and independent commercial advice and technical challenge as well as fostered industry contacts to boost its… Continue Reading

commercialisation support

Control software commercialisation support

In a rapidly evolving technology and market environment, we delivered commercialisation support to the control team that established a valuable commercial tie-up with a pitch system supplier, before buy-out by a… Continue Reading

Gravity Tripod

Cost analysis of the Gravity Tripod

Our independent and robust cost analysis of the Gravity Tripod showed the commercial competitiveness of Offshore Wind Logistics and Construction’s (OWLC) Gravity Tripod. Our analysis was used to show… Continue Reading

Cost of energy analysis for a novel offshore turbine

Cost of energy analysis for a novel offshore turbine

Our independent report deriving costs, benefits and overall improvement in levelised cost of energy (LCOE) is being used by the client in discussions with potential suppliers, customers, stakeholders and… Continue Reading

Due diligence for offshore wind investment

Due diligence for offshore wind investment

Our independence and robust analysis allowed our client to understand the historical and likely future performance of a portfolio of offshore wind farms. Thanks to our work, they were… Continue Reading

supplier due diligence

Due diligence on supplier of novel drive train

Our supplier due diligence assessment both facilitated a positive investment decision and led to follow-up work for the innovator in helping to commercialise its technology. Our first-hand experience of… Continue Reading

Due diligence for Wheatrig Wind Farm

Due diligence for Wheatrig Wind Farm

Our due diligence work for Downing LLP on the purchase of Wheatrig Wind Farm allowed Downing to be sure of the condition and value of the assets they were… Continue Reading

Economic impact of onshore

Economic impact of onshore wind farms for ScottishPower Renewables

We provided a robust, rigorous and independent assessment of the economic impact of onshore wind farms that allowed ScottishPower Renewables (SPR) to demonstrate the wider benefits of development to… Continue Reading

Expert offshore wind supply chain support

Expert offshore wind supply chain support and workshops

Our local team has have won repeat competitions to deliver expert offshore wind supply chain support and workshops in Scotland. Over five years, we have provided dedicated expert offshore… Continue Reading

Failure modes analysis and reliability engineering

Failure modes analysis & reliability engineering

Marine Current Turbines appointed BVG Associates to bring commercial wind industry engineering expertise to a less mature sector for their failure modes analysis and reliability engineering Many of the… Continue Reading

Funding sources

Funding sources mapping and bid preparation

By providing an external support to investigate funding sources and helping to prepare bids, we enabled the busy technical team at Marine Current Turbines (MCT) to remain focussed on product… Continue Reading

Growing trade with China in offshore wind

Growing trade with China in offshore wind

Following delivery of a range of activities to support inward investment into the UK, through a competitive process we were selected to support a key trade mission to help… Continue Reading

Helping grow a local supply chain for offshore wind

Helping grow a local supply chain for offshore wind

Companies in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire can use our offshore wind expertise, thanks to our work with Green Port Hull through the Green Port Growth Programme’s… Continue Reading

Norwegian companies

Helping Norwegian companies transition to offshore wind

Working with NORWEP, we were able to provide practical advice to Norwegian companies on the scale of the offshore wind market, and how to make the most of the… Continue Reading

Holistic algorithms

Holistic algorithms for turbine condition monitoring

Our understanding of holistic algorithms and input saved significant time by enabling focus on important considerations from the start. Based on our turbine design knowledge and experience in loads… Continue Reading

Independent assessment of cost of energy

Independent assessment of KPS cost of energy

Kite Power Solutions (KPS) is developing an airborne solution to harness wind energy that could be game-changing. Using less materials and accessing a greater wind resource, kites offer the… Continue Reading

Japanese supply chain

Japanese supply chain strategic assessment

We enabled our client to quickly understand the key strategic issues in developing Japanese offshore wind supply chain. We achieved this through a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis…. Continue Reading

offshore wind training

Knowledge growth in offshore wind

Atlas Knowledge Group used our industry insight and advice to understand, identify and target the best opportunities for their business in the offshore wind sector. The insights were used… Continue Reading

China Three Gorges CTG

Lessons learned on global offshore wind for China Three Gorges (CTG)

Working with Pöyry, we helped China Three Gorges (CTG) understand the relative performance of Chinese renewable electricity. This drove CTG’s efforts to influence the development of renewable electricity policy… Continue Reading

Incubation support

Long-term R&D programme management and incubation support

Working with civil servants and a range of other enablers, we brought deep technical and market domain knowledge to increase the efficiency and impact of grant funding. In some… Continue Reading

Marine Energy in the UK: State of the Industry Report 2012

Our report “Marine Energy in the UK: State of the Industry Report 2012” received positive feedback from the client and industry, in terms of usefulness, clarity and accuracy of… Continue Reading

Market assessment and due diligence support

Market assessment and due diligence support

We supported Eight Roads (the proprietary investment arm of FIL, Fidelity International Limited) with market assessment and due diligence support to analyse investment opportunities and once identified to execute the… Continue Reading

Blade Dynamics

Market and technical support for Blade Dynamics

We supported Blade Dynamics as it developed its innovative modular blade design, leading to a successful exit through acquisition by a major wind OEM in the autumn of 2015…. Continue Reading

Market entry support

Market entry support

Following our market entry support, David Brown Gears went on to win significant contracts both to supply gearboxes for an offshore wind turbine and in the after sales market. We… Continue Reading

Merchant market

Maximising revenue for a new offshore wind farm in a merchant market

We demonstrated that a wind farm optimised for LCOE would not necessarily maximise profit when supplying electricity in a merchant market. In a merchant market we showed that on… Continue Reading

market entry assessment

New market entry assessment for onshore wind for innogy

Our network of in-house staff and local experts allowed us to build insight into the likely development of the local market for onshore wind. Dialogue with our team built… Continue Reading

supply chain health check

Offshore wind: A 2013 supply chain health check

Over time, the series of supply chain health check reports for offshore wind have been used by many to inform procurement focus and investment plans in a rapidly changing… Continue Reading

offshore wind and drone

Offshore wind and drone opportunities for Terra Drone

We worked with Terra Drone to help address the offshore wind industry.  Our insight and recommendations have helped Terra Drone successfully engage further within the wind industry. They have… Continue Reading

Offshore Wind Cost Reduction Study

Offshore wind cost reduction study

For a major US enabling organisation, we carried out a state-wide offshore wind cost reduction study. This study underpinned the enabling organisations subsequent programme of work in offshore wind,… Continue Reading

Offshore wind cost reduction pathways study

Offshore wind cost reduction pathways study – technology and supply chain work streams

The offshore wind cost reduction pathways study  was the first study of its kind. It is seen as the deepest and most thorough assessment of future costs of offshore… Continue Reading

Forecasts of future costs

Offshore wind: Forecasts of future costs and benefits

For the first time, robust, industry-validated forecasts of full-life costs were presented in our report “Offshore wind: Forecasts of future costs and benefits”. It contained a detailed analysis of… Continue Reading

Offshore Wind Industrial Strategy Secondment

Offshore wind industrial strategy secondment

We provided a senior team member for a offshore wind industrial strategy secondment for a government department. We brought energy, sector knowledge, strong relationships and a desire to find… Continue Reading


Offshore wind opportunity analysis for Palfinger

We prepared a market analysis for Palfinger‘s lifting and handling products used in the offshore wind industry. Palfinger is aware of the major industry transition from oil and gas… Continue Reading

R&D programme support

Offshore wind R&D programme technical support

We brought deep technical and market domain knowledge to help the ETI manage its offshore wind innovation programme. BVG were appointed as advisors to the ETI in 2007, providing… Continue Reading

Aerospace oil and gas

Opportunities for aerospace oil and gas sectors in offshore wind

We found a range of businesses in the aerospace oil and gas sectors that were interested in offshore wind but hadn’t managed to find ways in. We were able… Continue Reading

Pentland Firth wave and tidal supply chain analysis

Pentland Firth wave and tidal supply chain analysis

The Pentland Firth wave and tidal supply chain analysis report was positively received by the industry, in particular for the cost and forecast breakdowns which we developed by rationalising… Continue Reading

Post-consent wind farm development

Post-consent wind farm development and construction management services

Working closely with our client, Plantina Partners, we managed risks in delivering a no-nonsense, integrated service for post-consent wind farm development and construction management services. Over a number of… Continue Reading

Strangford Lough

Positioning Strangford Lough as a marine energy test site

Our report provided Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) with an appraisal of marine energy test sites in the UK and Ireland. This appraisal was used to provide some clear scenarios… Continue Reading

Progressing UK supply opportunities in offshore wind

Progressing UK supply opportunities in offshore wind

Our strong relationships within the supply chain, the developer community, government and other enabling organisations helped LM Wind Power with the efficiency and quality of dialogue with organisations across… Continue Reading

Prototyping for Offshore Wind Energy Renewables Scotland fund due diligence

Large-scale public funding of the right new technologies is vital in the journey of any new industry. We helped the Prototyping for Offshore Wind Energy Renewables Scotland (POWERS) fund… Continue Reading

wind turbine tower and monopile market

Review of the wind turbine tower and monopile market

The study enabled rational decisions about additional investment in existing facilities to be made in the wind turbine tower and monopile market. After a competitive tender, we were asked… Continue Reading

Scottish supply chain

Scottish supply chain summary gap analysis

Our analysis of the Scottish supply chain was shared and debated amongst the clients’ senior executive team and BVGA presented the findings at a number of subsequent national events…. Continue Reading


Selection and implementation of new portfolio SCADA system

Even experienced engineering suppliers often need technical and commercial challenge in order to deliver timely, robust solutions. Having a lead with long-term experience of design and implementation of SCADA… Continue Reading

Spatial assessment

Spatial assessment of the potential impact of floating offshore wind in the UK

This work enabled the ETI to make an initial estimate of the potential future demand for floating offshore wind in UK, including understanding the geographical areas most suited to… Continue Reading

Strategic LCOE advice

Strategic LCOE advice for airborne wind

Our independent tracking of LCOE developments for KPS allowed them to think strategically and answer their toughest questions about driving down LCOE and managing risk. KPS is developing a… Continue Reading

Strategic opportunities

Strategic opportunities for Newfoundland and Labrador companies

Our recommendations provided a set of clear and pragmatic pathways for The Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry Association (NEIA) members to enter the offshore wind market in Europe, as… Continue Reading

tidal device supplier

Supply chain analysis for leading tidal device supplier

We undertook a supply chain analysis for a number of planned projects, exploring local supply opportunities in a wide range of areas, from major components to local services. The… Continue Reading

Technology roadmapping and investment support in onshore wind

Technology roadmapping and investment support in onshore wind

Our input helped focus on key areas of technology with the greatest potential cost of energy impact. We assessed specific investment opportunities, eventually leading to the successful investment in… Continue Reading

Port of Galway

The floating offshore wind opportunity for the Port of Galway

We enabled the Port of Galway to understand and describe its business case for investing in offshore wind capability. Our work was used both internally and for presentation to… Continue Reading

Wind and marine energy development

Two-year wind and marine energy supply chain development programme

Our work helped Envirobusiness and companies across the South East of England to get to grips with wind and marine energy development opportunities, from supply of practical services to local… Continue Reading

Moving up a gear

UK Offshore wind: Moving up a gear

Our industry dialogue, the process of finalising the content with the national trade body and the publication of the report helped diverse businesses to get in-step with each other and… Continue Reading

UK supply chain event

UK supply chain event for Siemens Wind Power

On behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change we delivered a UK supply chain event for Siemens Wind Power to support their inward investment into the UK…. Continue Reading

UK renewables service

UK Renewables Service

Through our work with DECC running the UK Renewables Service, we introduced numerous companies to opportunities especially in the global wind industry and educated Government in what supply chain… Continue Reading

Wave and Tidal Supply Chain Development Plan

Wave and Tidal Supply Chain Development Plan

Our wave and tidal supply chain development plan work uncovered clear changes in approach that we believed were right for the sectors to take. Through senior dialogue, a number of… Continue Reading

Wind turbine testing

Wind turbine testing and demonstration needs assessment

Scotland has a range of suppliers of innovative technology for the offshore wind industry. For many, the journey to commercialisation involves the step of live, on-turbine wind turbine testing… Continue Reading

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