We supported Idinvest Partners to maximise investor value post-investment through acquisition due diligence. In another case, we recommended not to invest and for the technology supplier to significantly change its concept architecture. The supplier eventually implemented this and asked us to support its subsequent successful attempt to attract investment.

Broad, first-hand wind turbine concept and large component design experience is rare. Coupling this with in-depth knowledge of the supply chain and economics of wind power gives clients an important edge. We were asked to do this work through recommendation from industry contacts.

We were commissioned to provide acquisition due diligence services on a number of technology providers, including:

  • An innovative integrated offshore wind turbine technology company. Our work included assessment of a demonstration turbine and its installation with recommendations for the next stage of the concept’s development. Through a series of meetings at the wind turbine manufacturer’s offices and test facilities, we looked at the team, software tools and processes being used to design the product, assessed practical tests on key components and plans for verification and commercialisation.
  • A range of novel wind turbine drive train suppliers. We compared a range of suppliers using a set of qualitative and quantitative criteria. This enabled focus on a small number of key target organisations offering technology with long-term differentiating features.
  •  A hydraulic drive train technology company.We conducted another on-site detailed due diligence activity relating to a novel wind turbine drive train solution. This involved reviewing significant levels of documentation, telephone meetings, interviewing a range of senior staff face to face, looking in detail at device efficiencies and impact on cost of energy then visiting two prototype units for further review of implementation. Financial position and the potential routes to commercialisation were a particular focus.

“Bruce and the team have always told it straight and shared their experience. We often have to rely on ‘gut feel’ and I valued the opportunity to discuss both on this level and also on the analytical, qualitative level.”

Nicolas Chaudron Partner, Idinvest Partners