Good management of wind farms is not nearly as widespread as we think it should be. The benefit to our clients is both increases in revenue now and increases in long-term and sale value of assets. Assets need to be well looked after and this needs to be well documented for value to be maximised.

Following provision of due diligence services relating to the acquisition of a number of UK wind farms totalling 20 MW, and the provision of subsequent asset management advice, we were asked to formalise our role.

We have continued to provide practical, hands-on management of a number of independent service providers over the four sites. As well as regular management reporting, we have managed a number of major component exchanges and improvements to supervisory control, noise mitigation measures and blade condition in order to increase revenue in the short- and long-term.

“We’ve been very happy with the dedicated, knowledgeable and pragmatic support provided by BVG Associates. In a world of loud messages from many, having an independent friend to help our senior investment staff maximise returns is just what we have needed.”

Mike Tracey MD, Cannock Wind Farm Services