We helped UK ports understand and make the most of their opportunities in offshore wind. Our input, and all the dialogue that it facilitated, broke down many of the barriers that were visible between the offshore wind industry and ports. Much investment has since flowed, including that of Siemens on the Humber, the journey towards which started in this activity.

As the industry started to consider investment in ports, we recognised that ports did not understand offshore wind and continental offshore wind businesses didn’t understand UK ports – both sides needed help.

Over a period of 2-3 years, we delivered a range of interventions to bring the parties together.

We developed a strong understanding of the manufacturing site requirements for offshore wind turbine manufacturers. We then provided port options for a range turbine manufacturers and supported them in narrowing down options before and during site visits.

Recognising the pivotal role that ports play in offshore wind manufacturing and construction, and also in unlocking local supply chain investment, we authored a key report UK Ports for the Offshore Wind Industry: Time to Act which presented the challenges and opportunities for ports and concluded that given the right conditions for investment, sufficient port space would be available to the offshore wind industry.

We then produced a UK offshore wind ports prospectus summarising the capability of key UK ports with facilities suitable for offshore wind. Preparation of each of the four releases of this document enabled us to continue a deep dialogue with UK ports.