Our detailed industry knowledge and real world experience combined to provide invaluable insight for Atlas Blue as it considered the acquisition of wind energy inspection, training and engineering service company, ProntoPort.

Atlas Blue was seeking to invest in ProntoPort. a ‘one-stop shop’ for wind energy engineering service solutions with a group of highly skilled employees.

Atlas Blue asked BVGA to provide an assessment of the competitive landscape in wind energy operations and maintenance, and to prepare an appraisal of the competencies required for a wind farm service provider to succeed in the UK and rest of Europe.

BVGA provided a thorough insight into PronotPort’s potential competitors, detailing company history, services provided, market approach and key market segments, including the application of a robust business analysis methodology. BVGA also prepared a detailed matrix of the skills, competencies and resources required to be successful in the wind energy service provision market.

As well as a formal presentation, our insight was delivered in a face to face session with Atlas Blue management, which allowed further discussion and analysis drawing on BVGA’s research and general market experience.

ProntoPort was successfully acquired by Atlas Blue in October 2017, providing the catalyst for further growth and development.

“The depth, usefulness and practical nature of the advice provided by BVGA allowed us to proceed with the acquisition of ProntoPort with confidence. Knowing that their insight was based on BVGA’s extensive experience of working on projects in the real world, not just their thorough research, made the insight of real, practical use”

Gavin McCallum, now owner ProntoPort.