Our independent report deriving costs, benefits and overall improvement in levelised cost of energy (LCOE) is being used by the client in discussions with potential suppliers, customers, stakeholders and investors. The company has now installed a full-scale onshore prototype and is working towards installing its first turbines offshore.

We were asked to deliver this work following a presentation to the board of our client’s institutional, public sector and industrial investors.

For a supplier of a novel offshore turbine, we undertook independent analysis of the claimed benefits. We established a baseline of costs for a wind farm of comparable conventional turbines in the same conditions. We reviewed and challenged the benefits of the new turbine in five key areas: rotor and drivetrain; foundation and tower; operation and maintenance; electrical system; and project life.

We have gone on to present our work to a number of investors in our client, helping to shape product and market strategy. We have also delivered further work on cost of energy in focussed areas and in supply chain development.