Our independence and robust analysis allowed our client to understand the historical and likely future performance of a portfolio of offshore wind farms. Thanks to our work, they were able to determine the risks of their proposed investment.

Our client was looking to invest in a portfolio of operating offshore wind farms located in the seas around the UK. As part of the due diligence for the purchase, they required review of historical operating performance for the whole portfolio and a post-construction yield assessment (PCYA) of a specific wind farm to determine likely future yield.

We reviewed and provide insight into the monthly operational statistics for each wind farm in the portfolio using the client’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

This analysis was used to identify any systematic under performance not specifically associated with the wind resource. Our investigations identified the reasons for poor availability and assessed the subsequent reaction issues by the managerial and operational teams.

To predict the future yield of an operational wind farm, the monthly metered production value is correlated against monthly wind speed. This determines the sensitivity of production against reference wind speed to allow a long-term forecast of likely net energy production.

An uncertainty analysis was applied to incorporate the range of uncertainties related to modelling, turbine performance and wind.

We summarised the results for each wind farm in the portfolio in a full but clear report, with a RAG status to highlight the status of key findings.

“BVGA were able to produce robust, independent and clear insight into the performance of the wind farm portfolio. Their intimate real-world knowledge of wind farm technology and business models proved an invaluable and essential input into our due diligence for this potential investment.”

Principal at our client.