Marine Current Turbines appointed BVG Associates to bring commercial wind industry engineering expertise to a less mature sector for their failure modes analysis and reliability engineering

Many of the challenges facing tidal device suppliers are similar to those faced by smaller players in the wind industry, so we were able to add significant value through sharing personal experience.

As well as delivering the engineering tasks, we provided introductions to new suppliers that facilitated significant cost reductions and provided input to product strategy

Over a number of years, we provided technical support to the Marine Current Turbines team in a number of ways:

Failure modes analysis

We developed a structured framework for failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) to increase assurance of reliability and integrity of its next generation tidal turbine.

We then facilitated a number of workshops with senior members of the engineering team to educate the team in FMEAs and to carry out detailed FMEAs of selected systems. In some cases, we extended these through further review in our offices.

Reliability analysis

In a follow-on project, we provided an independent analysis of operational data from an early operating turbine. This was included in a grant submission to access additional funding. Sharing best practice on prototype asset management and reporting helped the client to also improve reliability of both existing and future products.

Design review

We were then asked to provide external challenge to the design of a larger product through a series of in-depth design reviews focussing on manufacturing, installation and operational aspects of each main component and system.


“Having access to senior engineers with real-life, practical experience was just what we needed as we rapidly developed new products. The insights we gained were really valuable and we always found the team a pleasure to work with.”

Matthew Reed, Engineering Director, Marine Current Turbines