This case study refers to the first ‘A Guide to an Offshore Wind Farm’ published in 2011. An updated and extended version was commissioned by The Crown Estate and ORE Catapult in 2018 and is available to download from our publications page.

Our ‘A Guide to an Offshore Wind Farm’ has been used by very many organisations in growing their understanding of the offshore wind industry. It has been used in many other countries and reprinted a number of times to meet demand and the illustrations used by many others.

The Crown Estate asked us to provide document that would help suppliers and enabling organisations to understand what components make up an offshore wind farm, as part of the process of educating a nation in what was starting to grow into an industry.

We researched and authored the guide. It presents robust technical information about the key components and processes used throughout the whole lifetime of an offshore wind farm in a simple and easy to understand format, using colour coded text boxes reflecting the different supply chain areas.

You can download the guide from our publications page.


“Commissioned immediately following the launch of Round 3 in 2010, this was one of our earliest industry publications in offshore wind to support the growth of the supply chain. We valued the combination of accuracy and usability from BVG Associates which is reflected in its continued use – the document is still being downloaded regularly.”

Adrian Fox, Portfolio Manager – Energy Assets, The Crown Estate