Working with NORWEP, we were able to provide practical advice to Norwegian companies on the scale of the offshore wind market, and how to make the most of the opportunities it provides. 15 Norwegian companies also received specific advice on their services and the opportunities for them across Europe. Our market briefings for six European countries and a European overview, helped people understand the fundamental similarities and differences between market sizes and forecasted market growth, regulation and the supply chain.

The Norwegian supply chain has developed world-leading technology and skills over several decades to meet the challenges of operating in hostile offshore environments. These technologies may benefit the offshore wind sector as it adopts innovative techniques aimed at reducing costs and tackles the challenges of operating further offshore and in deeper waters. Norway has a particularly strong oil and gas supply chain and while the number of oil and gas companies making a successful transition into the offshore wind sector has been below expectations, given the synergies between the industries, there is a renewed appetite.

NORWEP recognised this opportunity and asked BVG Associates to present at six workshops across the length and breadth of Norway. Over 110 companies attended the events and learnt about eight of the highest priority opportunities including cable installation, and maintenance and inspection services.

Our workshops explained the diversification opportunities in the European offshore wind sector for Norwegian companies. We took attendees through the highest priority opportunities. Our consultants also met for one-to-one meetings with a number of Norwegian companies to discuss their services and the opportunities for them across Europe. We also delivered market briefings on six European countries and a European overview, covering market growth, regulation, and key organisations, owners and suppliers.

“The BVG Associates team was able to impart their considerable knowledge of the offshore wind supply chain to the participants in a way that was clear, effective and practical. The Norwegian companies that received one-to-one help were delighted with the depth and usefulness of the advice they received”

Jon Dugstad, Director Wind & Solar at Norwegian Energy Partners