Our understanding of holistic algorithms and input saved significant time by enabling focus on important considerations from the start.

Based on our turbine design knowledge and experience in loads measurement and component failures on operating turbines, we were asked to provide detailed application knowledge to a condition monitoring system provider seeking to create an advanced, holistic (multi-component) condition monitoring system.

We provided the detailed fatigue and other engineering models required to underpin new holistic condition monitoring algorithms for key turbine components including blades and towers plus operational and design understanding in a number of other areas.

For example, this required analysis of fatigue data and use of existing design rules to formulate simplified methodology for a blade fatigue life indicator in real time for in-service turbines.

“We had great skills in our team to develop algorithms, but we needed some real, deep wind industry input. BVG Associates staff provided that and took the time to explain what was behind their concepts.”

Glynn Lloyd, Director of Technology at Moog Inc