Working with Pöyry, we helped China Three Gorges (CTG) understand the relative performance of Chinese renewable electricity. This drove CTG’s efforts to influence the development of renewable electricity policy in China.

Pöyry approached BVGA to provide detailed expertise in wind energy for their project with CTG. CTG wanted to understand global best practice in renewable electricity. CTG hoped to apply the key learnings to improve the effectiveness of renewable energy support to the Chinese market.

We provided both qualitative and quantitative analysis of technical and cost data. We also provided information on planning procedures to Pöyry on offshore and onshore wind. The analysis covered 14 jurisdictions across 5 continents. The selected jurisdictions included established and emerging renewable energy markets. We also looked for lessons from renewable energy markets that had not grown as expected.

We delivered a range of historical and forecast information on onshore and offshore wind for each jurisdiction. This covered terrain and resource, capacity build, cost and energy production, LCOE and finance. We also looked at the planning regime in the jurisdictions.

We identified the relative performance of those markets. The relevant Chinese market performance was then benchmarked against these countries.

This study delivered 19 key messages and 22 recommendations. These were shared with the Chinese Government to influence future policy making. Our analysis complemented Pöyry’s detailed review of the market for renewable electricity. The analysis behind the recommendations was provided in 17 separate reports. A summary report was produced with the individual country and technology specific findings.

“BVGA’s insight into the costs of wind were a critical part of explaining the relative performance of the countries in the study. As well as delivering technical expertise they are a pleasure to work with and were flexible to the changing requirements of the client.”

Andy Kelly, Senior Principal & Susan Stead, Senior Consultant