Our report “Marine Energy in the UK: State of the Industry Report 2012” received positive feedback from the client and industry, in terms of usefulness, clarity and accuracy of the work.

As part of an ongoing strategy of providing easy-to-access information to the industry, potential investors and other stakeholders, RenewableUK chose BVG Associates to provide another keynote report on the fledgeling wave and tidal sectors.

The report included analysis of policy, technology and deployment forecasts and discussion on the viability of the industry and the need for investment.

To deliver robust, relevant content, we conducted detailed dialogue with the wave and tidal community to establish the status of specific devices and projects and understand industry-wide issues and achievements. We were able to use our knowledge of the industry and its processes to rationalise the information that we gathered and create credible forecasts of future deployment at project- and industry level.

We also identified the drivers for recent successes in the industry and proposed changes which would encourage future investments in the sector.

A key purpose of this report was to help attract investment to the sector while also outlining the challenges that the industry is working to overcome and providing recommendations for further sector support.

It is available to download on our publications page.

“As a trade association RenewableUK has to be careful with its members’ money. BVG provided a quality survey of the industry to deadline at a reasonable price, so providing the value for money we require.”

Gordon Edge, Director of Policy , Renewable UK