Project Description

Our network of in-house staff and local experts allowed us to build insight into the likely development of the local market for onshore wind. Dialogue with our team built innogy’s confidence to visit and meet with senior stakeholders, facilitated by our local experts. Innogy is now actively progressing development in the new market.

innogy had identified a potential new market for onshore wind development from a desktop study and wanted to understand it at the next level of detail, but wanted to do so with a partner who could bring local insight from “boots on the ground”.

We carried out a study of the onshore wind market including: the planning process, the grid connection process, civil and defence radar, active developers and their projects, other stakeholders, the forthcoming support scheme and the wind resource. We used a combination of local language research and interviews. Following our initial report and workshop, a visit was organised for innogy to meet key stakeholders in the new market, including potential partners, to assess the situation at first hand and in more depth.

“BVGA’s combination of global industry expertise and an established local network allowed us to quickly understand the potential and risks of the new market. The team of local experts they pulled together gave us exactly what we needed to know in a very short timescale.”

Kevin Cloutter, Senior Investment Manager