Over time, the series of supply chain health check reports for offshore wind have been used by many to inform procurement focus and investment plans in a rapidly changing market environment.

We delivered a first supply chain health check gap analysis  for The Crown Estate in 2009 and went on to provide updates in 2011 and 2012 as the industry grew.

This report presented the most sophisticated analysis yet of the issues facing offshore wind developers and their suppliers. It considered not only whether future supply was likely to be constrained by capacity but also quantified what progress was being made in achieving cost reductions and what new technology was needed to deliver upcoming projects.

The report was informed by extensive pan-European engagement with industry, including project developers and key supply chain companies, especially in the areas of potential concern regarding capacity.


“Consistency, rigour and independence underpinned this series of reports. We knew that BVG Associates was listening and engaging widely with industry, as its findings chimed with what we heard from our network.”

Adrian Fox, Portfolio Manager Energy Assets at The Crown Estate