The offshore wind cost reduction pathways study  was the first study of its kind. It is seen as the deepest and most thorough assessment of future costs of offshore wind published to date. It helped drive a significant shift in the culture of the industry, embedding cost reduction at the core of its thinking and action.

Its legacy informs much dialogue that we have with players at all levels within the offshore wind industry and has facilitated countless other cost of energy-related work that we have delivered in offshore wind and beyond.
We were awarded the work after competitive tender. Feedback was that this was due to our ability to work collaboratively to find solutions to deeply complex situations, then communicate these effectively.
BVG Associates delivered the high-profile technology work stream of the ground breaking Offshore wind cost reduction pathways study and, assisted by EC Harris, also delivered the supply chain work stream.

Over a period of seven months, we engaged deeply with the offshore wind industry, key suppliers, and other key stakeholders through face-to-face interview, workshops and telephone meetings to capture and document a detailed industry-supported view of how cost of energy can be reduced in offshore wind over the next decade. This required detailed benchmarking and modelling of costs and the definition and impact assessment of many discrete innovations.


“Our Offshore wind cost reduction pathways study was an enormous challenge. The intellectual capability and leadership shown by BVG Associates was fundamental to us finding a way to deliver one of the most influential studies that we have published for this sector.”

Adrian Fox, Portfolio Manager – Energy Assets, The Crown Estate