We prepared a market analysis for Palfinger‘s lifting and handling products used in the offshore wind industry. Palfinger is aware of the major industry transition from oil and gas to offshore wind who sought an independent third-party market assessment to validate in-house market intelligence and support further product development and business development activity. Palfinger is already a leading provider of lifting and handling equipment. These range from small davit cranes though to larger cranes (but not the very largest) and more broadly include things like pallet moving systems inside SOVs. These can be used on all types of construction and maintenance vessels, turbine foundations, turbine nacelles and offshore substations.

Due to the industry’s growth it needed to deepen its understanding of future markets and future product requirements, to shape its strategy and plans for the offshore wind market. BVGA provided a custom report and final client presentation, based on in-house expertise, desk research and a set of Voice of the Customer interviews, to answer these questions. A summary of the work BVGA completed was as follows:

  • Provided a forecast of offshore wind market volumes, globally, for the next ten years to demonstrate which countries and regions present the greatest opportunity for Palfinger.
  • Calculated demand for new vessels of each types used in the industry.
  • Described the best practices for all major use cases, including on installation vessels (foundation, cable, turbine), maintenance vessels (CTVs and SOVs), and lifting and handling within turbines and offshore substations.
  • Looked ahead at how offshore wind technology is changing and the implications for offshore wind lifting and handling accompanied with profiles of novel lifting and personnel transfer solutions.
  • Analysed a set of leading competitors and new entrants of most interest to Palfinger.

Jarle Sørstrønen, Managing Director, Product Line Leader, Palfinger Marine Norway AS, said that BVGA’s work was exactly what they were looking for.

Our work for Palfinger on this project was led by Jack Paterson.