Our input helped focus on key areas of technology with the greatest potential cost of energy impact. We assessed specific investment opportunities, eventually leading to the successful investment in wind technology companies.

The global energy major, BP, commissioned us to analyse the development of onshore wind farm technology to date and identify areas of future interest, in the context of cost of energy reduction.

We developed and used a methodology for mapping the impact of new technology, prioritising a wide range of innovations with potential to reduce costs. We used the resulting insights to drive decisions regarding venturing investment.

We went on to monitor progress of a number of technologies in wind farm development and operation. We provided investment support through highlighting innovative products and companies, as well as market analysis for specific investment opportunities.

“We have a talented in-house team, but there is no substitute for first-hand domain knowledge and engineering understanding in helping to quickly focus on the most important opportunities. The BVGA team helped us, both at a strategic and detailed level, to answer vital questions that we had before us.”

Angelo Amorelli, Vice President Group Research, BP