Our work helped Envirobusiness and companies across the South East of England to get to grips with wind and marine energy development opportunities, from supply of practical services to local onshore support bases all the way to export of components and expertise to offshore projects in Asia.

Following experience with similar wind and marine energy development programmes elsewhere, we were successful in a competitive tender, including against a number of companies from within the region. Our universal experience in providing value-adding support is that sector knowledge is far more important than local knowledge.

As part of a major programme to grow the value of the regional environmental technology and services sector, we delivered the wind and marine energy strand, by supporting the strategies and sales activity of companies and helping them to secure R&D funding.

During the course of the work, we assisted around 100 companies ranging from technology start-ups to multinational players with an existing profile in the industry.

We also provided a lot of support and education to the internal team at Envirobusiness, to enable them to maximise the impact of their work.

“In a tough market for local companies to break into, BVG Associates helped us rapidly focus on key opportunities and give companies in the south east the best chance – and that is just what we needed.”

Tom Fourcade Chief Executive Officer, EnviroBusiness Ltd