The Manilla Bulletin reports on our recent consultation-webinar presenting the “preliminary findings by the World Bank on the proposed Offshore Wind Roadmap – and that was done in collaboration with its partner BVG Associates as well as with the Department of Energy”.

The report highlights that the Department of Energy and World Bank Group are soliciting inputs from industry stakeholders that they can incorporate in firming up the offshore wind plan that will eventually serve as investment guide for such renewable energy (RE) installations in the country.

The initial outcome of the study covered the technical, economic, environmental, social and financing elements for the optimised development of offshore wind projects in the Philippines.

Our work on this project was lead by Bruce Vapy and Mona Pettersen. The presentation from the webinar can be downloaded here: Offshore Wind Roadmap for the Philippines.

You can read the full story here: DOE, WB seeking PH stakeholder-inputs on wind roadmap.