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The Franco-British Offshore wind and tidal event 2017 will be attended by Giles Hundleby and Margaux Delahaie. They are looking forward to discussing the opportunities for offshore wind and tidal industries and the opportunities for cooperation across these key segments. They’ll also be looking to add to the insight they’re currently gathering as part our consortium carrying out a study for ADEME.

Giles will also be taking part in a panel discussion on how the UK and France can work together to reduce costs in offshore wind. Giles will talk about our LCOE modelling work. Of course, he’ll also be discussing the background to our work with a consortium for ADEM into the French wind energy market and opportunity.

The Franco-British offshore wind and tidal event opens the door into an important renewables market, which is a gateway to other European markets and is an exceptional opportunity to pitch for business and seek investment. Margaux and Giles will be happy to discuss how BVG Associates can help you with you market pitch and increase the chances of success in wind and tidal sectors.

The event is free but requires registration on the event website.

If you’d like to meet them at the event, please get in touch via the contact us page on this website.

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