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Offshore WIND Conference 2016: A promising future awaits the offshore wind industry as long as we can tap the potential opportunities amongst the challenges that lie ahead. The agreements made during COP21 in 2015 provide support and encouragement to reach the hard targets ahead of these future projects. The Offshore WIND Conference, on 24 and 25 October 2016, will focus on business opportunities and successes in this renewable energy industry and how, together, we can reach potential.


Alun Roberts  will be speaking at Offshore WIND Conference 2016 “Project coordination: Prequalification tips and advice from a developer’s perspective.” The supply chain session will cover topics such as Which opportunities are there? The offshore wind players – developers, wind turbine manufacturers and members of the supply chain, including steel and concrete foundation suppliers and installers, can they deliver? What will companies need?

Offshore WIND Conference is part of Offshore Energy Conference. More than 80 speakers representing some of the biggest players in the offshore energy industry and from all around the world will headline Offshore Energy 2016: Entering a new era. The event takes place partly at the same time, 25 and 26 October, as Offshore WIND Conference and at the same location, Amsterdam RAI. It’s one of the leading international conferences on all facets of offshore energy.

History teaches us that the oil, gas, and energy industry has always shown great resilience. Oil prices have rarely been stable for long periods of time, and it is remarkable how the industry has maintained its ability to adapt to changes and developments. The Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2016 offers insight into these potential changes, tapping into and creating new ideas. And it is precisely this balance between supply and demand which is bringing more and more interested people to Amsterdam every year.

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