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Bruce Valpy is chairing the first day and attending the second day of Offshore Wind Europe, the Industry’s Biggest Commercially Focused Construction and O&M Conference and Exhibition.

For the very first time, Offshore Wind Construction and Installation and Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance are been brough together under one roof for the ultimate Offshore Wind Europe summit experience. Bringing you the construction, installation, O&M and Asset Management teams from every single offshore wind owner across the continent. The very best of the European supply chain and all it has to offer in product launches, debates and feedback.

Key themes at this year’s Offshore Wind Europe include:

  • C-Level insight from all major owners of offshore wind assets:
    Hear future strategies for existing and future farms and understand the view from the top when it comes to assets coming out of subsidised periods
  • Contract structure innovation:
    Hear case studies from both the construction and O&M phases that represent different and innovative contracting models. Understand how you could adopt these methods and how they could give you the competitive edge
  • Workshops chosen by the big 6 owners:With workshops that are designed by the big 6 owners, panels and sessions happening throughout the two days, build your own agenda depending on your focus to remove any time spent on topics that don’t apply to you. Options include; Vessel sharing, Data ownership, supply chain delivery for BoP and Blade Maintenance
  • Mitigate risk and successfully manage contracts: Hear owner experiences from pre-FiD, design, construction and operations phases that provide insight on allocating risk and contract management
  • Full BoP Breakdown:Debate fully wrapped BoP options and what is needed from the European supply chain in order to get solid delivery in this area. Discuss whether our supply chain is flexible enough to meet the differing requirements from European owners/operators

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