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Our US partner, Andy Geissbuehler will be taking part as a panelist on Renewable Energy World’s Reducing Offshore Wind Costs Using Oil and Gas Technology Webinar.

The US offshore wind industry is starting to take shape. There are turbines in the water at Block Island, a Power Purchase Agreement in place for South Fork Wind farm off the coast of Long Island and many other offshore wind farms in planning off the coasts of Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas, and many of the project owners have roots in European offshore oil and gas.

This webcast will explore the innovations that O&G has brought to wind in terms of cost reductions, looking toward the EU, where costs dropped dramatically over 10 years. We’ll look at how digital technologies are helping to reduce costs by implementing cloud computing and digital analysis and we’ll explore how partnerships with offshore companies can be beneficial to both parties and reduce costs.

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