The CleanTechina Article Here Comes All Your California Offshore Wind Jobs , contains an interview with Mary Collins of the American Jobs Project. In the  interview, Mary talks about “The California Offshore Wind Project: A Vision for Industry Growth,” report that was prepared with the Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State University, Pacific Ocean Energy Trust, and BVG Associates.

The report highlights how California can be a global leader in floating offshore wind, creating a win-win energy solution for the environment and economy that would support over 17,500 jobs in 2045. The latest report from the American Jobs Project in partnership with us, Humboldt State University and University of California, Berkeley demonstrates how a bold state vision and holistic policy planning can build a robust value chain, maps career pathways, and catalyzes innovation.

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The key BVGA people involved in the report were Alun Roberts, Mike Blanch and Andy Geissbeuhler.