‘Life extension’ in WindEnergy Network‘s  issue 63 is an article by Martin Elliott. Martin writes about the options available for the 30GW of Europe’s wind energy that will be approaching, or already past, design life by 2025.

The 30Gw represents around 30,000 turbines. Losing that amount of capacity would have significant impacts on carbon-reduction aspirations. Life extension can be a commercially and environmentally attractive alternative.

A through evaluation of the technical and commercial risks can make these assets capable of operating for another five to ten years.  Evaluation requires many factors to be taken into account. Informed decisions need physical inspections, assessment of remaining life, understanding planning and legal agreements and cash flow scenarios. So how do owners evaluate these options and associated risks? With owner’s time at a premium, independent third parties are often better placed to find the time and the expertise to carry these tasks out quickly and efficiently. Cashflows include cost benefit analysis of technology enhancements. component refurbishment, and the all-important power price variations.

You can read Martin’s in full in here: Life Extension