Officials tout economic boom from offshore wind industry‘  in highlights the inaugural meeting of the North Carolina Taskforce for Offshore Wind Economic Resource Strategies, or NC TOWERS.

This follows our recent work for North Carolina advising how to build a supply chain for offshore wind.

Andy Geissbuehler is quoted in the article as saying the state has an edge to managing a piece of future offshore leases:

“We’ve got approximately 20 gigawatts of projects which are active projects with lease areas,” Geissbuehler said, referring to all of the lease areas on the East Coast. “That is relative to a supply chain point of view. Twenty gigawatts, that’s really 20 nuclear power stations, totally clean with free fuel and I think that’s a fantastic opportunity.”

He explained to the task force that operational maintenance is nearly half of the lifetime cost of a typical 1-gigawatt windfarm.

You can read the full story here: Officials tout economic boom from offshore wind industry.

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