North American Windpower report on our work in Bermuda in their story Offshore Wind Farm in Bermuda Given Serious Consideration.

Greenrock, a renewable energy advocate based in Bermuda, released the third study in its offshore wind feasibility series – “Bermuda Offshore Wind: Location Assessment.” Greenrock commissioned us to determine “the most technically feasible locations for an offshore wind farm in Bermuda”. The study not only narrowed down a location for an offshore wind farm but also showed that electricity provided by offshore wind would be roughly one-third cheaper than the current price for electricity offered by fuel oil. We conducted the location assessment and identified four potential areas that could be suitable for a 60 MW offshore wind farm.

Following the publication of the report, a 60 MW wind farm that could meet the electricity demand for 30% of the island has been proposed by Bermuda’s Regulatory Authority, an independent body mandated to promote fair business practices and protect consumers. Costs could range between $250 million and $450 million dollars with a completion date expected at the end of 2029.

Bruce Valpy was our lead on our work on the potential for an offshore wind in Bermuda.