Our business strategic consulting answers your toughest business questions:

  • What is your business’ position and performance within the renewable energy industry?

  • What unique strengths does your business have to offer?

  • What would sustainable competitive advantage  look like?

  • What is the best route map to get there, starting from where you are now?

As renewables industry specialists we have the market experience, technical insight and commercial knowledge to develop or review a strategy for your business to succeed. We convert deep industry insights into practical actionable strategies for sustainable competitive advantage.

Our strategic consultants have assisted hundreds of clients in the renewables industry to launch new products, enter new markets, reduce costs and manage their knowledge more effectively. Our recommendations have helped these clients to understand their situations more clearly, develop compelling competitive visions, agree practical action plans, and deliver rapid, tangible benefits.

strategy consulting

New product development and entry strategy

We understand the multiple technical and commercial challenges facing innovators and entrepreneurs. Indeed, many of our expert consultants have hands on engineering experience of developing new products, so appreciate the tough choices to be made when money and resources are tight.

  • Our experts review your innovations, their place in the renewables value chain and what impact they could have on the lifecycle cost of energy (LCOE) and their potential market size
  • We review their technology readiness level (TRL) and development plans to advise on what is critical to success, how to progressively demonstrate these and how to mitigate risks en route.
  • We help develop your market entry strategy, including how to best demonstrate your innovations and grow your industry track record. This takes into account the cost of different activities, the availability and benefits of bench-testing, prototyping, demonstration or pre-commercial opportunities, the availability of public funding, and the likely interest of investors, collaborators and customers in supporting your activities.
  • We identify potential business partners – these could be important customers, suppliers or investors – and can facilitate introductions through our network of senior industry contacts, to test your business model and accelerate time to market. Frequently, routes to market can be simplified by careful steering through this challenging phase and being introduced to the right people at the right time.

Working with BVG Associates strategic consulting ensures that you make the right decisions, can identify the best business partners and your business model is optimised. Together, we’ll create a commercialisation strategy that has distinctive positioning with a robust and actionable market entry plan.

strategy consulting
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New market assessment and entry strategy

You may already be established in the renewable energy industry or you may be looking to enter it from a related sector such as offshore oil and gas. Your new market assessment and entry strategy will depend on a thorough understanding of which are the most attractive established or emerging markets, what are the key market risks, what are the critical success factors for a new entrant and who are the potential competitors and partners?

  • We will use a structured approach to understand those markets of interest
  • We will assemble and review data from our own renewable energy repositories, publicly available information and consultation with our network of industry contacts
  • We will build a detailed understanding of the different forces which affect both the demand and supply sides of market attractiveness
  • We will identify key stakeholders with whom you might wish to engage
  • We will review these findings with you and, where appropriate, help you to develop a market entry strategy and actionable plans, and make introductions for you as appropriate

Our goal during our strategic consulting is to ensure that your entry into new markets is based on the best possible insight and practical guidance to maximise returns and minimise time and risks.

strategy consulting

Strategic cost reduction

Strategic cost reduction is often the best way to improve performance within a maturing renewable energy industry. Strategic consulting for cost reduction delivers short term results, but more importantly a lowest-cost strategy provides options for what to do with savings. For example, should savings be invested in new products and markets, or in reduce prices for increased market share?

Successful cost reduction strategies depend on detailed insight into the critical choices that need to be made, business processes and an understanding of the potential to implement new processes and emerging technology without disrupting or risking ongoing business.

  • Our strategic consulting benchmarks your product or operations using our extensive database of cost models, best practices, performance benchmarks and enabling technologies
  • We will provide insight into best in class practices and how these can be applied to your business to deliver sustainable costs reduction strategies that ultimately grow your business
  • We will develop owned and actionable plans to deliver rapid, tangible benefits, and
  • We will set up monitoring systems so that activity, milestones and benefits are visible and controlled.

If low costs are important then cost reduction should become a core part of your business processes and not just a one-off exercise.

Industry knowledge management

Have you ever wondered what knowledge or information would make a critical difference to your business’ performance, if the right people in your business had access to it and trusted it?

As renewable energy strategic consulting experts we live or die by our renewables insight, and that insight has to be based on a firm foundation of industry knowledge. We build in-house repositories of knowledge from public sources and from our own strategic consulting research, with a thorough understanding of the strengths and limitations of different data sources. These include our own databases of: products (such as wind turbines), projects, markets, forecasts, suppliers, supply chain contracts and renewables industry news.

  • We review clients’ processes, roles, systems and data architectures to manage renewables industry knowledge
  • We create visions for how knowledge that is critical to your business should be managed, together with practical action plans to make this happen
  • We can also assist you to build and maintain this critical knowledge

Our work with developers, suppliers and public bodies means we have an excellent insight into the factors behind industry trends, giving us a depth of understanding that goes beyond just crunching the numbers.