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Our team has real-world engineering experience, based on many years working for major wind turbine and component suppliers and project developers.

We can help you with anything from explanation of industry jargon and how technology works through to selection processes for multi-million investments in renewable energy projects or technology players.

We provide technical due diligence, review, wind farm life extension advice and engineering support for suppliers, funders, purchasers and investors in technology and generation assets at all stages of the product and asset lifecycle.

We provide roadmaps of technology at component up to industry level, to help inform and focus all working to deliver cost reduction and enable improved communication with policy makers and other stakeholders

Asset Management

Asset management and optimisation

You can benefit throughout a project’s life from our deep wind turbine design knowledge, renewable energy operational experience and knowledge of suppliers across the industry. We help maximize wind farm project returns, whether in- or out-of-warranty and also looking beyond the turbine design life, typically of 20 years, and towards evolving energy system needs.

We provide an independent asset management advice service. We also work hands-on, delivering as much asset management, optimisation and technical investigation as you would like, depending on your strategy and in-house resources.

We run tender and selection processes and manage procurement contracts and relationships with 3rd party operation, maintenance and service providers, suppliers of turbines, SCADA, condition monitoring and other specialist hardware and services. We provide this service contracted to you, so that we can help you choose what works best for you from the ever-growing range of competing providers and services currently offered in the market.

We apply a robust, creative approach, challenging ‘what has always been done’ and expecting much from staff and suppliers. We believe in a structured approach to asset management, applying many of the principles of ISO 55000.

Our professional management, engineering and financial modelling expertise can be delivered flexibly on a retained or as-required basis to suit you.

Wind farm life extension

Wind farm life extension

We support assessment and implementation of wind farm life extension strategies for both specific projects and whole portfolios. We recommend early assessment and intervention to maximise long-term value of your assets, whether you intend continued ownership or divestment at some point before the end of life.

We work with asset owners, large and small, assessing their portfolios, providing independent, real world advice on the best life extension strategy to suit each situation.

To date, we have focussed on onshore wind farm life extension , as this is where the asst owners can benefit from immediate input. We don’t just rely on industry norms and assumptions. We visit your sites, engage with your team and review data on project history, performance and reliability, and use our experience of various turbine models.

At the heart of our approach are our own in-house calculations of nominal remaining fatigue life of a range of critical turbine components based on operating conditions for the turbines and component replacements. We supplement this with a structured failure-modes and effects analysis (FMEA). Based on our hands-on knowledge of turbine design processes, we can do these without any input from turbine suppliers and only limited data on site conditions. The more input data that is available (for example on turbine-specific wind regime, including turbulence), the more precise the assessment can be, but we also recognise that any analytical approach is only a guide to help increase assurance of safe ongoing operation and focus inspections and other risk mitigation activities.

We use this insight to evaluate the technical suitability of a range of possible wind farm life extension (or indeed, site repowering) strategies, taking into account your attitude to different types of risk.

We model the different financial impact of options to establish your least cost and highest value options, taking into account ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ restrictions. We deliver a detailed plan identifying a range of intervention strategies, assessed against investment cost, payback and risk. The resultant recommendations are likely to include an enhanced inspection schedule and possibly condition monitoring and component refurbishment options.

We take away the pain and increase the gain from wind farm life extension decisions.

Due Diligence

Due diligence – technology and projects

We undertake due diligence on renewable energy technology and projects, whether in connection with acquisitions in the supply chain or of generation assets.

Our technical expertise, market knowledge and financial modelling make sure you’re making the right decisions, getting the right deal and right returns from your renewable energy investments. When working with us, our senior staff will work with you throughout the project.

As a rapidly growing market with a strong focus on innovation and supply chain development, the renewable electricity industries represent a significant opportunity for companies seeking to invest in the supply chain. We have a strong track record of helping companies make robust, evidence-based M&A decisions, getting to the heart of the technology, organisation and market issues through focussed, knowledgeable, no-nonsense dialogue between senior staff.

Our detailed market forecasts, technology insights and network of industry contacts enable us to provide well informed and independent advice.

For those investing in generation assets, we use our experience and technical understanding to identify the most relevant issues for you to address before purchase or drive changes to contracts to mitigate risk. In some cases, we can help secure reductions in the cost of projects through carrying out a detailed analysis of actual annual energy production (AEP) and wind speed data and compared to P50 and P90 forecasts provided by existing owners.

When needed, we can cover a lot of ground quickly in order to help you close the deals you want. In a number of cases, we have been retained by the investor to maximise the value of its investment, whether in the supply chain (continuing to provide strategic business advice) or in generation assets, where we have provided asset management advice.
We also act as an independent expert witness in legal disputes where technical performance or intellectual property ownership is being questioned.

renewable energy technology Engineering Services

Engineering services

Our team has real-world engineering experience, based on many years of leading projects for major wind turbine manufacturers and project developers. We deliver client-focussed, high quality and trusted engineering services in a flexible manner to make sure that your renewable energy technology is working well for you.

We deliver one-off projects to solve specific issue or act as your own “in-house”, embedded engineer to work alongside you over a longer period, sharing experience and helping to educate your team.

We provide concept development, engineering design and product development support services, including reliability engineering, failure mode effects analysis (FMEA), failure investigation and root cause analysis (RCA), fault tree analysis (FTA), project management and design reviews. We also help set up and implement product development and stage gate processes and prepare for ISO 9001 accreditation.

We also design, specify and implement condition monitoring, SCADA and other asset optimisation systems, ensuring that you have the data needed to look after and get the most from your assets.

renewable energy technology Reviews

Technical review

We provide rigorous, independent and knowledgeable assessment and technical review services for a wide range of R&D grant funding competitions. We are invited by suppliers to provide 3rd party input and structure to design reviews, challenging product and technology development and demonstration plans based on our hands-on experience delivering renewable technology. With us, you get direct contact with senior staff.

We advise major project developers on options for new technology and review technical strategy for enabling organisations and other stakeholders, allowing them to best focus limited resources for maximum impact.

Wind farm life extension

Technology roadmaps

We work collaboratively to develop technology roadmaps for single components up to whole industries. Presenting such pictures helps challenge the order and focus of activities and enables improved communication and efficiency of working.
Roadmaps for component suppliers help clarify the value and timing of introduction of new technologies into products. We have led major technology development projects from within renewables suppliers, so we know what is required, both technically and commercially, to take products from paper to market. We often add further value by advising on industrial partners, sources of public or private funding and routes to market.

Roadmaps for project developers help mitigate technology risks whilst keeping them at the forefront of activities that are likely to have the biggest impact on the bottom line. They also enable best use of new product demonstration opportunities on existing and planned projects. Again, our role can move beyond mapping to introductions and helping to make things happen.
Roadmaps for industries grow consensus shared purpose in addressing key goals, such as around cost of energy reduction. The power is also in finding common languages with which to communicate and showing joined-up thinking to policy makers and others.