We are delighted to have finished so far up the rankings (11 out of the 3000 companies) in the Tamarindo’s Renewable Reputation Index 2018, especially as the vast majority of the other top 100 seem to be much bigger companies than us.

The report surveyed 3000 companies active in the renewables industry, Companies were chosen based on membership of industry associations such as the American Wind Energy Association and WindEurope.

The index used an exhaustive review of their mainstream and social media profiles, online presence and search engine rankings. In the overall index score, each index section was equally weighted.

Finally, the top 30 names were subject to process of peer validation, working with a group of industry experts in the A Word About Wind network. These experts were used to sense-check the reputations of the highest-ranking brands on the list. The final Renewable Reputation Index includes each company’s website and number of employees as shown on LinkedIn, which for BVGA over-states our actual employment numbers.

The full report features a Q&A with our Head of Marketing and Communications, Stephen Mills, and be downloaded (free) from Tarmarindo’s website. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how our unique combination of renewable energy technical, business, economics and communications expertise can help you succeed in renewable energy.

As Stephen says in his Q&A, the industry has matured and moved from pilot schemes into a full commercial business. BVGA have a key role to play to support this expansion, to help the industry grow in the right way and avoid repeating mistakes from the past. BVGA have worked to change our message and positioning to meet this growth.

The Tamarindo Communications team are renewable energy PR experts. They focus exclusively on solving complex communications problems that, if not addressed, present significant commercial challenges for fast growing and established firms.