Unlocking India’s Offshore Wind Potential in WindTECH International  is a thought leadership piece by Shovana Talukdar on the potential of offshore wind in India. Based on our Accelerating the Deployment of Offshore Wind in India report, the piece explains how India, with its ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2070, is emerging as a pivotal player in the offshore wind (OSW) energy sector. Demonstrating a robust commitment to renewable energy transition, the nation has set an ambitious OSW leasing target of 37GW by 2030.

But despite setting ambitious targets and launching promising initiatives, the actual deployment of offshore wind (OSW) projects in India is yet to materialise. While commendable progress has been made over recent years, there exist significant gaps in policies, frameworks and implementation capabilities when compared with established OSW markets. Our report  sheds light on these gaps, identifying hindrances to OSW acceleration in India. The report draws insights from various established and emerging OSW markets and Indian stakeholder dialogues, offering strategic and practical recommendations for the successful establishment of a sustainable OSW industry in India. Unlocking India’s Offshore Wind Potential can be downloaded here: bvgassociates.com/publications/