Alun Roberts quoted extensively in “Where the wind blows” article in The Motorship. The article covers the a contradiction at the heart of the wind industry: its upward trajectory will add to the downward pressure on costs.  Wind seemed like it could provide welcome relief to those squeezed by the oil and gas market collapse but the industry’s crystal ball has been consistently cloudy of late. Will falling prices make the offshore wind market less attractive to vessel owners? Alun’s views on the future of the offshore wind vessels market are included in the article.

Alun is quoted as saying “…there’s not enough work to support a vessel with a narrow specialism that only, for example, installs foundations – we’ve already seen there’s not the business case for it”. So, this means spread betting on solutions that will dovetail with the requirements of other sectors.

The interview was carries out during the Offshore WIND conference in Amsterdam in November 2016 where Alun spoke on the role of supply chain plans in the development of the offshore wind industry. His presentation from that event can be found on our event presentations page.

You can read the “Where the wind blows” article in full on the The Motorship website