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We aren’t recruiting for specific roles at the moment.  We’re are always looking for hard working people looking to make a real difference to the world. We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. We exist to make a real difference within the industries that we serve. Every day, we use our ability to simplify complex situations, communicate effectively, resolve challenges creatively and guide clients forward.

Most of our work is advising private clients investing in manufacturing, technology and renewable energy projects. We’ve also published many landmark reports on the future of the industry, cost of energy and supply chain.

Our hard-won reputation is based on trustworthiness, respect, collaboration and commitment. We listen, ask tough questions and work hard to uncover facts and truth. We are valued for the difference our team makes. We pride ourselves on our independence and ability to give clients help that always has rigour, value and honesty.

We have offices in England, Scotland and the US, complemented by a global network of external experts. Our team are regularly visiting clients, speaking at industry events and taking part in expert panel discussions around the world.

Our team recognises the importance of client focus and can combine technical ability with business acumen to support the service we offer. So if you’re keen to make a difference, share our values and want to develop a career in an exciting, well-respected consultancy, then please get in touch, even if these offshore wind consultancy vacancies are not for you. Please read our applicant privacy notice before sending us your CV.

offshore wind consultancy vacancies

Why the team say they work at BVGA

“I really value working for a business that is focussed on enabling change in the wind energy industry, whilst always ensuring that solutions make tangible commercial sense for our clients. Working with inspiring colleagues, clients and partners who share this vision provides a great sense of camaraderie and purpose.”

Neil Douglas, Director

“It means that even when things are tough, I can go home happy that I am making a positive difference through my time at work. I also enjoy the chance to travel and significantly influence how I spend my time.”

Bruce Valpy, Managing Director

“Bright and motivated colleagues who share this passion”

Senior Consultant, BVGA

“Sheer ingenuity of extracting cheap and carbon-free energy from the wind”

Director, BVGA

“I consider wind turbines to be truly wonderful creations”

Managing Consultant, BVGA

“Helping clients to answer their hardest questions”

Managing Consultant, BVGA

“Address issues that others are not asked to tackle”

Director, BVGA

“I take great satisfaction from the sheer ingenuity of extracting cheap and carbon-free energy from the wind, and in seeing an industry develop from being a fringe solution to be part of the energy mainstream.”

Director, BVGA

“Solutions make tangible commercial sense for our clients”

Associate Director, BVGA

“Play a part in the global transition to a low-carbon economy”

Managing Consultant, BVGA

“My main focus is problem solving“

Associate Director, BVGA

“Make a positive difference in my professional life”

Consultant, BVGA

“I feel driven to make a positive difference in my professional life, and being involved in the renewable energy industry affords me the opportunity to play a part in the global transition to a low-carbon economy.”

Neil Douglas, Director