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Bruce Valpy BVGA Managing Director

Bruce Valpy

Managing Director

Bruce founded BVGA and leads the team in all our activities. He uses his technical, business and economic understanding to help you do new things, think in new ways and solve tough problems…

Neil Douglas Director

Neil Douglas


Neil leads our Scottish office and also leads our work on asset management and due diligence. He joined BVGA in March 2017…

Giles Hundleby Director

Giles Hundleby


Giles leads our work on LCOE, drive chain, the Far East and business development. He joined BVGA at the start of 2014….

Andy Geissbuehler

Advisory Director

Andy leads our activities in the US, combining his local industry knowledge with the expertise of the BVGA team to advance renewable energy opportunities….

Mike Blanch Associate Director

Mike Blanch

Associate Director

Mike Blanch leads our work on innovation support, due diligence, company incubation and community energy. He joined BVGA in September 2009…

Alun Roberts BVGA Associate Director

Alun Roberts

Associate Director

Alun leads our work on in supply chain analysis and economics, including local content measurement and development. He joined the BVGA team in November 2008…

Guillaume Simon

Consultant Externe

Guillaume Simon, of GS Consulting. helps develops our presence in France, combining his local knowledge and expertise to deliver added value to our clients…

Martin Elliott BVGA Senior Associate

Martin Elliott

Senior Associate

Martin leads our work on electrical, control and monitoring systems for wind turbines, asset management and O&M. He joined the BVGA team in January 2009 …

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton

Senior Associate

Scott leads activities on due diligence and project management. He specialises in delivering business analysis, economics and due diligence to clients….

Clare Davies BVGA Associate

Clare Davies


Clare leads our work on market data analysis, project management and forecasting. She joined the BVGA team  in January 2014…

Kate Freeman BVGA Junior Associate

Kate Freeman


Kate leads our work on modelling and analysis, using our internal models. She joined the BVGA team in February 2015…

Andy Logan BVGA Junior Associate

Andy Logan

Junior Associate

Andy leads our work on research into the technology, market and supply chain of the wind and marine renewable energy industries.  He joined the BVGA team in September 2016…

Stephen Mills

Head of Marketing and Communications

Steve is responsible for all our marketing and communications – for both BVGA itself and for clients who want to maximize their messages’ impact. Steve joined BVGA in August 2015…

Tracey Searley - BVGA Administrator BVGA team

Tracey Searley

Senior HR and Office Administrator

Tracey provides administrative support to our team and serves as the primary contact for any office related enquiries. She joined the BVGA team in March 2012 …

Louise Crossley

Quality Coordinator and Office Administrator

Louise has responsibility for implementing and maintaining the Quality Management system and working towards gaining ISO9001 accreditation.  She joined the BVGA team in March 2016…