Alun Roberts

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Alun Roberts

Associate Director

Alun Roberts leads projects in supply chain analysis and economics. He has led many of BVG Associates’ studies of the offshore renewables supply chain for public and private sector clients, drawing on his wide-ranging understanding of the technology and industry drivers. High profile examples areOffshore Wind: A Supply Chain Healthcheck for the Crown Estate and  ‘UK Offshore Wind ‘Supply Chain: Capabilities and Opportunities’ for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

A key area of his work is helping clients understand the economic impacts of renewable energy projects. He developed a rigorous method of calculating local content, which has been adopted by the UK Offshore Wind Industry Council on behalf of the sector. He has extended the approach to calculate gross value added and job creation in partnership with academic economists. This can be applied to any sector or market.

Alun’s understanding of the offshore wind industry has made him perfectly placed to help developers and their suppliers produce supply chain plans, to communicate to the UK government the work they are doing to enhance the sustainability of the supply chain. He has led the production of supply chain plans for several major UK projects.

Alun joined BVGA in 2008 from Research Councils UK, the partnership of the seven Research Councils, where he headed external relations. He therefore has provided the interface with a large number of organisations and central Government. Previously he worked as a specialist for the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee, where he project managed high profile inquiries on a range of political and technical issues.

To ask Alun how he can help you, send him an email