Andy Strowbridge

Associate Director

Andy Strowbridge is an engineer, supply chain consultant and business leader with intelligence, drive and judgment.

He provides clients with deep insights into their chosen markets, both technical and commercial, and helps them develop visions and route maps to achieve their goals. He works with a wide range of clients, from innovative start-ups through to governments and multinationals.

He has particular expertise in helping clients to deliver cross-functional projects with stretching goals – such as cost reduction, lead time reduction or maintenance improvement – in firms with complex industrial products.

He has set up and managed a wind energy business developing, building, owning and maintaining distributed wind energy projects. He has also led and delivered business transformation projects across the supply chain, achieving rapid change and tangible benefits. He is comfortable managing diverse and distributed teams and working with stakeholders at all levels to drive sustainable change. Andy brings the best out of others in complicated, in-depth research projects, able to draw together experts, identify links between strands and produce insightful analyses.

Andy’s broad set of supply chain skills are built on a firm foundation of technical education with practical engineering experience and a passion for renewable energy.

If you’d like to know more about how Andy can help you, drop him an email.