Belinda Church

Belinda Church


Belinda Church joined the team in August 2021 as Project Support and Quality Management Coordinator. She was promoted to Consultant in April 2023.

She provides close support to the team through delivering projects to clients. Her main focus is on the GIS, Power BI and desk-based research  but is involved in all areas of our work. She uses her research and analysis skills to develop output. She engages with industry to gain insight into projects, technology, trends and thinking. She also carries out desk-based research into the technology, market and supply chain. She also helps to build in-house knowledge management and GIS tools. She is developing a network of industry contacts within the industry, to keep up to date with trends and thinking.

She has a BSc (Hons.) Geography from the University of Exeter,  that included dissertation on climate change scepticism.

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