Ciaran Frost

Ciaran Frost

Senior Consultant

Ciaran is a research engineer, specialising in techno-economic modelling and programming. He is completing his Engineering Doctorate (EngD). During his degree programme he obtained valuable industrial experience and enhanced his research capabilities. Ciaran is passionate about renewable energy, particularly marine renewables, and is keen to apply his knowledge to new challenges.

Ciaran applies his deep technical knowledge and modelling skills to support the BVGA team in delivering insight and analysis to clients. He combines these attributes with strong research capabilities.

He developed a model to map energy yield, costs and Levelised Cost Of Energy (LCOE) over geographic areas. The resulting “heat maps” allowed the most competitive areas to be identified for a given project. The model also allowed hybrid wave energy systems to be examined, primarily wave-battery-diesel generator systems, using a power balancing algorithm that was designed in-house. The performance of these systems could also be mapped.

During his Engineering Doctorate studies he gained experience working as part of a diverse team, communicating with different colleagues on various project deliverables. He has developed technical report writing skills for successful funding applications.

If you’d like to know more about how Ciaran can help you, drop him an email.