Emilie Ehretsmann

Emilie Ehretsmann


Emilie has strong understanding of the offshore wind industry, especially in wind turbine installation and logistics, MetOcean analysis and environmental impact studies. She is always keen on taking on new professional challenges, using her ability to learn and adapt to new situations to deliver high quality solutions for clients.

Emilie has a passion for the environment and renewable energy as demonstrated by her recent MSc in Integrated Climate Sciences and her roles with Vattenfall and Nordsee One.

At BVGA, she helps deliver projects to clients, including research, analysis and report drafting. She uses the extensive BVGA network to engage with industry to obtain latest information and insight into current trends and thinking. She plays a key role in developing in-house tools, databases and knowledge management processes and keeping our knowledge up to date. She is able to draw on BVGA’s senior staff, knowledge databases and extensive industry network to access information and insights.

She multilingual, being fluent in French, English and German. She holds dual Swiss/US nationality, having been born in San Diego but spending much of her life in Europe.

To get in touch with Emilie Ehretsmann, send her an email