Iain Corrigan


Iain Corrigan is an associate contractor working with the team at BVGA. He uses his deep experience of offshore and onshore wind farm operations to deliver practical and strategic advice to wind farm owners and investors.

He has eight years of offshore wind operational development and readiness experience. He was O&M Development Manager for the Beatrice, O&M Project Manager for the East Anglia Hub and steering committee member for Walney I & II. He delivered development O&M readiness budgeting and strategic options for Galloper, Islay, SeaGreen and Dogger Bank.

Iain’s offshore O&M readiness experience includes detailed knowledge of scaling for growth and managing interface risks across all major O&M functions. He develops wind farm operational strategy options, including safety case development and safety management system implementation, and supports clients in implementing strategic plans covering turbine operations, maintenance and servicing, marine co-ordination, service base development, and logistics.

Iain has exceptional commercial acumen with significant experience of turbine supply agreements, service and maintenance contract negotiations, and OFTO O&M structures, both pre and post OFTO disposal.

To get in touch with Iain, send him an email