Patrick Whelan

Jonathan Bowes

Senior Consultant

Jonathan Bowes joined BVGA in January 2022. He knows how renewable energy can resolve the climate emergency and create an more equitable world.
His expertise in geospatial modelling and energy systems helps clients identify, develop and exploit strategic opportunities. He continually grows his key industry contacts through the application of his networking skills. Jonathan thrives in a dynamic and collaborative environment. He works best when engaging new and interesting challenges.

As a Managing Consultant at BVG Associates, Jonathan delivers strategic advisory services across our core areas of expertise, including advising clients in business strategy, industry economics and technology. He leads project for clients, including client relationships, project management, research, analysis and reporting. He engages with industry influencers to develop insight into current trends and thinking, especially with regard to the technology, market and supply.

You can email Jonathan here: Jonathan Bowes.