Kate Freeman

Kate Freeman

Managing Consultant

Kate Freeman primarily focuses on modelling and analysis to generate information for client decision making. Using our internal models, she can help you understand the market, evaluate your technology and uncover hidden insights.

Her work on cost of energy modelling can help you understand and exploit the impact your business has on the total costs of energy production.

Kate’s modelling expertise includes:

  • Innovation modelling to enable you to identify the impact on the cost of energy of new technology or supply chain developments
  • User-friendly frameworks for overview cost comparisons
  • Spatial variation (heat maps) for the identification of sites likely to give the best cost of energy and for the assessment of the likely maximum capacity of a region, and
  • Long term cost of energy estimation, in which the trend in the cost of energy is analysed by comparing different forms of energy or policy scenarios.

Despite the complexity and rigour of her analysis, Kate always delivers results in a format that you can clearly understand and act on, so the analysis can easily be incorporated into your business plans.

Kate’s responsibilities cover developing modelling architecture as well as collating and incorporating information from industry.

She enjoys delving into data and analysing it, both for querying current trends and for discovering new possibilities. This ensures that our models are relevant to the real world as well as being statistically robust.

Kate joined BVG Associates in February 2015 after completing her PhD with Plymouth University. Her doctoral thesis involved developing a system model of a wave energy converter and optimising its turbine speed for maximum energy output. Prior to her doctorate, she graduated from the University of Oxford with an MPhys.

To find out how Kate can help you with data insight,  you can contact Kate by email