Martin Elliott
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Martin Elliott

Managing Consultant

Martin Elliott can help you make the most of your renewable generation assets. He has wide and deep experience of developing, commissioning and supporting bespoke control, monitoring and electrical systems for a range of wind turbines.

He can act as your “in-house” technical expert, undertaking design reviews and quality audits on the hardware and software for wind farm electrical and control systems.

For investors, Martin can brief you on technology road-maps for electrical and control aspects of wind turbine technology.  Martin has supported the designer of a novel direct drive generator growing from a concept design to a first prototype and a positive first audience with a major wind turbine manufacturer.

Since February 2015, Martin has performed the role of Asset Manager on behalf of the owners of four onshore wind farms in the UK. This involves providing day to day liaison with, and challenge to, the O&M service providers. He also identifies and instructs third party organisations providing supporting services, and recommends and introduces new asset management tools and processes to improve overall asset performance. Supported by the rest of our team, he provides analysis of SCADA data to highlight under-performing turbines and to sanity check routine reports.

Earlier in his career, Martin specified the wind turbines and then acted as owners engineer to project manage and supervise the installation and commissioning of wind turbines on a remote island, integrating renewable energy with the existing diesel-powered grid.

Martin brings over 35 years of engineering experience, providing:

  • technical expertise regarding the technical and functional specification of low voltage electrical, control and automation systems and related instrumentation systems
  • technical, financial and quality management of sub-contracts
  • due diligence, testing and inspection skills.

Martin joined BVG Associates in 2009. He’s our lead for electrical, control and monitoring systems for wind turbines, asset management and operations and maintenance

Before joining BVGA, most of his career was spent at Wind Energy Group, the UK-based wind turbine manufacturer.

To get in touch with Martin, send him an email