Mona Pettersen

Managing Consultant

Mona delivers strategic wind energy projects for a range of clients, including governments, developers, suppliers and industry enablers.

Mona works on projects across the globe, and her expertise includes offshore wind industry building, supply chain, policy and frameworks, and business strategy.

Mona leads BVGA’s work on decarbonization, net zero targets, greenhouse gas emissions and sustainability.

She has a strong passion for renewable energy, climate change mitigation and sustainable development.

As a driven, organised and focused project manager, she is skilled at engaging with internal and external clients, and working efficiently under pressure to ensure deadlines are met.

At BVGA, she applies her analytical thinking, problem solving and multi-tasking to help clients answer their toughest strategic questions in renewable energy.

She uses the extensive BVGA network to engage with industry to support business development and deliver insight to clients. She is able to draw on BVGA’s senior staff, knowledge databases and extensive industry network to access information and insights.

She is bilingual, having both English and Norwegian. Based in our Glasgow office, Mona is often to be also found at clients’ offices and industry events

To get in touch with Mona Pettersen , send her an email.